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September 2020 Immigration Blog

What’s new and not new for DACA? As many of you have probably heard, the Trump administration is doing its best to end DACA. Although the US Supreme Court has told the administration to continue accepting applications, it has decided to defy that order and only accept renewals for one (1) year increments only.  Tell your US…

September 2020 Employment Blog

Know your rights!  Has your employer treated you unfairly? What constitutes an unlawful termination? Wrongful termination is a broad term that refers to any improper and illegal termination of an employee by an employer.  This can include terminating an employee for a discriminatory reason (ie., race, gender, disability), or it can include retaliating against the…

Major Victory in the Courtroom!

3.15.2017- After more than a year of litigation, Mr. Huprich recently won a major victory for one of his clients by getting them dismissed on motion for summary judgment from a $20 million lawsuit.  Congrats to our client and our team for a successful outcome.