Pasadena Bankruptcy Attorneys

Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be intimidating. Having an experienced bankruptcy attorney that understands how the process works makes all the difference.

During your consultation, we will explain all your options and what to expect throughout the process. We will work to protect your interests and stop creditor harassment, wage garnishments, bank levies, evictions, and automobile repossessions.

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Our fees

We charge a flat fee for Chapter 7 starting at $1250.  Slightly higher fees may be charged if there is real estate, creditor negotiations, or other issues involved.

For Chapter 13, fees start at $3500 and depend on the number of creditors, negotiations required, and length of the repayment plan.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - complete discharge

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - partial debt repayment

Debt Negotiation

Our Process

Prepare for filing.

The first step is to complete the applicable forms and complete an online credit counseling course. You will be asked about your property, debts, income, expenses, and prior transactions. We may also ask for the names of your creditors, property, and income, property exemptions, and what you want to do about each of your secured debts.

File your petition.

Next, we will file your petition which will officially start your case. Many people file all applicable forms at once, but if necessary, we can also request for an emergency filing by completing fewer forms; and then filing the remaining forms within 14 days.

Go to trustee/creditor’s meeting.

You will need to go to a hearing for a meeting with the trustee (creditors can be present at the hearing and ask questions, but most of the time, they don’t show up). The bankruptcy trustee appointed to your case will check your identification and ask questions required of all debtors, as well as specific questions about the information on your forms.

Handle secured debts.

Next, we’ll work with you to take care of any secured debts that you agreed to handle. For instance, if you indicate that you will return a car, we’ll want to be sure to make it’s available to the lender.

Get your discharge!

Once you have successfully completed another online debtor education course, the trustee is satisfied with all your disclosures and the court has no issues, the court will issue an order discharging your qualifying debts and you will no longer have a legal obligation to pay them. Then it’s time to start fresh!