Pasadena Immigration Lawyer

Immigration can impact your future and the future of your family.  At our firm, we fully appreciate this.  We’ll take the time to meet with you, learn your story, and answer all of your questions. We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive, honest look at the legal process, and work with you to set achievable goals.

Our multilingual staff, from all over the world, are highly qualified and compassionate.  At our firm, we have the experience necessary to keep families together.  Take advantage of our free one-on-one consultations to discuss your case and flexible payment options.


Our fees

There are too many types of cases to quote fees here, but this is our philosophy about fees: remember the old saying, you get what you pay for?  We feel that simply being the cheapest in town limits our effectiveness and doesn’t allow us to attract the most qualified staff.  It also projects a message that we are just looking for lots of cases!  We’re not.  We seek to offer a competitive, affordable fee, while still providing the highest quality service in town.  We are comfortable being somewhere in the middle when it comes to fees.

We often approach cases in stages and charge our fees accordingly.  We may charge an initial case evaluation fee of $1500, for example, to gather more information and documents before making any recommendations to you to proceed to the next step.

Most importantly, we do NOT charge for initial consultations and offer monthly payment plans.

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Family Petitions & Deportation

– DACA (new applications, renewals, and advance parole requests)

– Green Cards (LPR or “lawful permanent residence”)

– Consular Processing (family petitions in foreign countries)

– Fiancés (K-1)

– TPS (renew work permits, advance parole requests)

– U Visas (victims of crimes)

VAWA (domestic abuse)

– Asylum

– Deportation Defense (Court Cases)

immigration empl

Employment-Based Immigrant Visas

 – Immigrants of Extraordinary Ability (EB-1)

 – Advanced Professionals (EB-2)

 – Skilled & Unskilled Workers (EB-3)

 – Religious/Other (EB-4)

 – Investors (EB-5)

 – PERM Certifications

immigration visas

Non-Immigrant Visas/Temporary Workers

 – Businesspersons (B-1)

 – Treaty Traders & Investors (E-1 & E-2)

 – Students (F-1) (M-1)

 – Skilled Professionals (H-1B )

 – Exchange Visitors (J-1)

 – Intracompany Transfer (Office in US) (L-1)

 – Extraordinary Ability Individuals (O-1)

 – International Athletes & Entertainers (P-1)

 – Religious Workers (R-1)

How We Work


Schedule your consultation by calling or emailing us through the website. When you visit or talk with us over the phone, we’ll find out about you and your goals, listen to your story, and take a look at any documents that you provide.


At your consultation, we may be able to offer you options for an immediate plan of action.  Sometimes, though, we’ll need to gather more information or documents before we can do so.  Once we have all the information, we’ll set forth all options and as always, at all times, answer any questions that you may have. We don’t charge a fee until you’re comfortable with our approach and you agree to our fees in a signed, written contract.


Once you hire us, you’ll see that we leave no stone unturned to find the right path for you.  We’ll start gathering the rest of the information and documents needed to complete the work.  We may request documents from you, your family members and other sources, including law enforcement, USCIS and third parties.  We’ll prepare all the necessary paperwork and meet with you to review, sign and send it to the appropriate agency or government entity.


Our experience and high success rates should assure you that you came to the right place. A quick and satisfactory resolution of your case will show you why that is so!