Managing Attorney Joseph Huprich

At his core, Joseph believes in what’s right.  He enjoys the search for truth – while at times accused of being obsessive and an idealist. He knows where to look for the facts and how to tell a story; and this can only come from over two decades of legal experience.

With that experience also comes a sensible view of how the legal system works, giving him the ability to properly advise his clients to set goals that are achievable.  He is often praised by his clients for being compassionate and a great communicator, giving true meaning to the term “counsel.”

As with his clients, he is also regularly praised by opposing counsel and judges for his thorough presentation of the case and good-natured professionalism in the courtroom.  When you need someone to fight for the truth but provide you with an experienced, seasoned view of your legal matter, Joseph is the right lawyer for the job.

Our Team

No firm or attorney is worth their salt without a solid team behind them.  At our firm, we appreciate who’s got our back.  We get to know our staff, encourage them to have a healthy work-life balance, keep the office environment drama free, back them up when they need it, and reward them with competitive compensation and benefits.  We’re proud of who we hire.

We get to know our clients and their stories…

At the heart of every legal case is a story.  It’s a story about our client, about their experience and most importantly, about what they need to achieve.  We pride ourselves as being one of the few firms who not only get to know our clients, but get to know their story.  That also means letting the facts lead us to the right legal conclusions and even when unfavorable to our client, providing realistic advice so that our client can make an informed decision.

Knowing the facts allows us to tell a story.  And telling a compelling story allows us to convince the trier of fact and opposing counsel that your story deserves to be heard.

Knowing our clients

Finding the facts

Telling their stories